Katie M.

Katie M. 150 150 CBD By Medizen

“My back was spasming, and my regular doctor gave me muscle relaxers. But I couldn’t drive and had to take two days off work. I learned about Medizen and took some Relief Medizen CBD Oil, and 15 minutes later, I was like this is amazing. I feel fantastic!”

RaShawn E.

RaShawn E. 150 150 CBD By Medizen

“In October 2019, I starting experiencing a very painful sharp pain in my elbow as well as numbness in my fingers as if I was getting no circulation in my arm. I contacted my family practice doctor and I was diagnosed with inflamed Ulnar Nerve Pain. I tried the Medizen Pain Cream 500mg and I’m happy to report that it’s now November 2019 and my pain, as well as the numbness in my fingers, is gone and my follow-up appointment with my doctor revealed no more inflammation in my elbow any longer. Please try this awesome product it works miracles!”

Don G.

Don G. 150 150 CBD By Medizen

“I am an ex-Olympic athlete and I have had 90 sport related surgeries… yes, 90! As a result, I live with constant pain. I have tried every holistic and non-holistic pain relief product known to exist. I am wary, even suspicious, when it comes to pain relief claims, as most products I have tried don’t touch the degree of pain I experience. However, I noticed feeling better and calmer after using CBD. I tried the Medizen Pain Cream on my reconstructed thumb and index finger… which was pulsating with pain and it helped immediately!”