CBD Balm For Relief


Our CBD Pain Relief Balm is a natural product with full spectrum CO2 and hemp plant infused with 12 essential oils. That makes it effective for any part of the body. It makes it best option to the body pain problems.

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CBD Balm For Pain Relief

Available in 3 Sizes (500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg)

Pain relief can be a touchy subject. Most of us would love to be able to turn down the volume quickly and easily on our aches and pains but we don’t want to put our health at risk in the process. If only there were a way to take care of our bodies (and our sore spots) without resorting to dangerous drugs or expensive medical treatment.

A CBD Pain Relief Balm  typically refers to a topical cream or ointment that contains cannabinoid compound such as CBD (cannabidiol). These products are often marketed as a natural remedy for pain and inflammation relief and can be applied directly to the affected area of the body. These products are effective against headache, muscle, and joint pain. It is the best option to relieve hard work fatigue and has normal sleep. The specific formulation and ingredients of the balm may vary depending on the brand and intended use. It is important to read the label carefully and consult with a healthcare professional before using any new product.


It is mentioned above that the 12-ingredient formula is used in its manufacturing and the name of these ingredients are

  • Avocado Oil,
  • Arnica Oil,
  • Coconut Oil,
  • Hemp seed Oil,
  • Beeswax,
  • Eucalyptus Oil,
  • Juniper Oil,
  • Frankincense Oil,
  • Lavender Oil,
  • Wintergreen,
  • Rosemary,
  • Helichrysum.

Instructions to Use CBD Relief Balm:


How to Use?

While using relief balm just put two-three drops on your palm and then have a massage to the area where you are feeling pain or which body part you want to soothe.

When to Use?

It should be according to the need but the physiotherapist would suggest you have it twice a day. Keep it out of the children’s approach. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use it.

Benefits of Using CBD Pain Relief Balm: 


In addition to its ease of use, CBD For Pain Relief also has many advantages over traditional pain management methods. It has been shown to provide relief from a variety of conditions such as arthritis, muscle spasms, back pain, tendonitis, and more. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling associated with inflammation and injury. Because it is applied directly to the site of the pain, you may experience relief in just minutes!


500, 1000, 2000

What is CBD Relief Balm and how does it work?

Relief Balm is a CBD-infused topical balm that may help relieve sore muscles, joint pain, and other types of discomfort.

How is Relief Balm used?

Relief Balm is used topically by applying a small amount to the affected area and massaging it into the skin until it is fully absorbed.

Is Relief Balm safe to use?

Relief Balm is generally safe to use, but you should consult with a healthcare professional before using any new product.

Customer Reviews

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David T.
Fast acting CBD balm!

I have tried other topicals for joint pain, this CBD balm (2000mg) did the trick and worked the best! Fast acting and smells great! THANK YOU!!!

CBD Balm for Pain Relief Works

I have recurring back pain and this balm helps enormously.

Best CBD Balm for Effective Toe Relief"

This seems to be helping my husband’s arthritic toe, so this is such a positive gif for him.

High Strength CBD Balm for Pain Reliefs

Amazing product! Has really helped my knee pain and I now sleep a lot better.

High Strength CBD Balm

On my oesteoatherites it helps with the discomfort in my knee and shoulder joints If the nerve gets trapped it takes the edge off