CBD For Wellness

When Dr. Michael Scott founded Medizen, he did so because he saw some serious problems with the CBD industry. As other companies seem to be selling any products they can just to make a quick dollar; the industry is getting further away from the naturopathic focus that should be at its very center. Dr. Scott has spent years focused on helping patients from all walks of life overcome health issues, which is why he knows that wellness products should be specifically formulated to overcome specific challenges.

Our Wellness Products

It didn’t take Dr. Scott a very long time to realize that the lack of such a focus was a problem among CBD companies. He found that people were skeptical of the benefits of CBD, and he couldn’t exactly blame them. He couldn’t find a CBD company that used pure and clean ingredients during his research.

Dr. Scott took action by working with a chemist to formulate Medizen with high-quality, organic CBD and non-GMO botanicals to address specific use cases. He wanted to address the issues he saw in his practice, so all of the following products have been tailored to achieve specific results.

THC-Free RELAX Drops

THC Free drops are also known as CBD isolate, which means this is the purest form of cannabidiol available. To create this THC-Free CBD by Medizen, the cannabidiol extract is stripped of any additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural raw plant material components. The process of refining the CBD is so effective that we’re able to achieve a powder containing roughly 99% pure cannabidiol.

From there, these drops have been formulated to inspire a soothing sense of relaxation and wellness. Non-GMO natural ingredients like Chamomile and Lavender have been added to soothe the body and interact with neurotransmitters in the brain, reducing stress. This product is very natural, containing only MCT oil (refined coconut oil), CBD isolate, lavender, chamomile, and our proprietary blend of botanicals. It’s available in dropper bottles in either .5oz or 1oz sizes.

THC-Free SLEEP Drops

Like the THC Free RELAX Drops, our THC Free SLEEP Drops are made with CBD isolate that is roughly 99% pure CBD by Medizen. In addition to our CBD isolate, it contains MCT oil (refined coconut oil), valerian root, and our proprietary blend of botanicals.

Valerian root has been used to treat insomnia for hundreds of years already. The benefits of this plant material have been studied, and those studies have shown that valerian root has sedative effects. This natural ingredient effectively treats insomnia as some other pharmacological agents, but without side effects. This wellness Medizen product is also available in dropper bottles of either 0.5oz or 1oz sizes.

Whole-Plant RELAX Drops

Our Whole Plant CBD from Medizen extracts the plant’s full essence to keep all properties intact. In addition to CBD, this type of CBD by Medizen naturally includes other natural, organic compounds. Such plant-based compounds include terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phytonutrients, and other hemp material.

Also referred to as full-spectrum CBD or full-spectrum extract, this type of product is believed to let the organic compounds from the plant material work together synergistically. Whole Plant RELAX CBD oil is available in dropper bottles of 0.5oz or 1oz. The only ingredients are MCT oil (refined coconut oil), whole plant CBD, lavender, chamomile, and our proprietary blend of botanicals.

The lavender, chamomile, and other botanicals are intended to relax the senses, soothe the body, and inspire a general sense of wellness. The benefits of lavender and chamomile have been embraced by the wellness community for many years now, and we add them to our CBD oil to create a natural product that relies on multiple natural ingredients.

Why Choose Medizen

Here at Medizen our mission is straightforward. This company was founded by a doctor, to make pure, natural CBD more accessible to everyone. Dr. Scott worked with a chemist to create infused products with formulas that were carefully developed to address specific needs, instead of merely selling cannabidiol as a magic bullet, one size fits all solution.

Dr. Scott has experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Naturopathy. This is the next step of his mission to help people experience wellness and live more fulfilling lives. His approach to Functional Medicine is centered around an effort to help patients overcome healthcare issues and get great results.

In addition to developing these SLEEP and RELAX CBD oils, Dr. Scott is working continuously to educate people worldwide about the potential benefits of CBD. Education is important within the wellness community, because people deserve to have all the facts they need to make informed decisions about their own wellness. CBD by Medizen is currently sold in numerous physical locations and here in our online CBD store.

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