CBD Vape Pens

There was a time when people thought vape pens and CBD products were both fads, but that time seems to have passed. Vapes, CBD, and even CBD vapes continue to become increasingly popular among all types of people, especially those members of the health and wellness community who love naturopathic products. People from all walks of life are starting to express their growing support for these products, but it’s still important to make sure you’re getting them from a trustworthy source.

That’s why Dr. Michael Scott founded Medizen. After spending years working as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Naturopathy, he took a look around the CBD industry and realized that many of the companies selling products didn’t seem especially legitimate. Many people got into the cannabidiol industry to line their own pockets instead of helping people enhance their lives. We needed a doctor-founded CBD company, and Dr. Scott was up to the challenge.

He worked with a chemist to formulate Medizen CBD products using high-quality, organic ingredients infused with CBD Hemp and non-GMO botanicals to address many of the issues he saw in his practice. Immediately, people started to take notice and realize that these were different kinds of CBD products than they were used to. Whether they’re shopping online or in-person at a store in Northern California, people appreciate that these products have been created with specific goals in mind. Unlike some other CBD products that are marketed as a magic bullet solution for everything (like a modern snake oil), Dr. Scott develops every one of his natural CBD products to serve a specific purpose.

Our CBD Vape Pens

The diverse issues Dr. Scott wants to address are clearly visible when you consider Medizen’s line of CBD vape pens. Each one of these products is clearly labeled with the function it’s intended to provide. Some people still say they still like to buy one of these vape pens based solely on the flavor, then just enjoy a general sense of wellness from CBD as they add the vape pen to their daily routine.

Others, though, find that they feel an enormous benefit by buying a CBD vape that has been designed more purposefully to deliver what they’re looking for. There are four different categories of CBD vape pens available here at Medizen, each bringing something slightly different to the table. If you’re familiar with the entourage effect, you already know that CBD may interact with the body differently depending on which essential oils are also present at the time.

The principle behind the entourage effect is also what guides our work here at Medizen. If a product is intended for people who want to relax with CBD, it makes more sense to include natural flavors like lavender. Those who are looking for a more invigorating experience may prefer citrus notes or hints of ginger. A career as a Doctor of Naturopathy prepared Dr. Michael Scott to develop products that address a variety of needs and desires, which is apparent in these four types of CBD vape pens.

CBD Vape Pen: Relax

Are you feeling overworked and overstimulated? Getting too wound up from being stuck in the house? Are you having a hard time going with the flow? If so, you’re probably looking for a way to relax.

Our Relax CBD Vape was specifically developed with you in mind! Best of all, this product contains only CBD, Terpenes, MCT oil, and flavoring. Our proprietary terpene blend and secret flavor profile are intended to help you feel at ease as you enjoy the smooth vapor from this product.

CBD Vape: Relief

We’ve noticed that many people love products like our CBD Pain Cream and realized it would be nice to create a similar product that isn’t topical. The Relief CBD Vape Pen offers a combination of broad-spectrum CBD distillate, terpene diluent, and flavors intended to make people feel soothed and comfortable. Consider this option next time you’re stuck in bed or feeling rough after an especially intense workout.

CBD Vape Pen: Energy

Some people think of CBD as something you enjoy when you’re winding down and getting ready to go to sleep after a long day. Those of us who are actually more experienced with CBD know this is only one small part of the story. This pen uses our blend of terpenes and flavors to create something intended to be more invigorating. It’s popular among people who say they’re looking for a CBD vape pen to enjoy while they’re taking a quick focus break at work.

CBD Vape: Sex

This pen was created with an entirely different kind of energy in mind. Here at Medizen, we recognize that sex is important to many people on both physical and emotional levels. That’s why we created this vape pen to help people enhance their enjoyment of sex!

Where to Buy a CBD Vape Pen

We know there are all kinds of other CBD stores in Sacramento, throughout Northern California, and online. The reason we believe you should choose Medizen is that we’re a doctor-founded organization on a mission to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Every time you interact with our business, you’ll see what we mean. Place an order today to get started!