CBD For Pain and Relief

Medizen was founded by Dr. Michael Scott, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Naturopath. He’s the Medical Director of Integrated Systems Chiropractic and Well Center in San Diego, California, and he specializes in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is the facet of medicine focused on finding, addressing, and treating the underlying cause of the disease instead of giving medicine to treat the symptom.

Dr. Scott’s interest in common-sense health and wellness practices led him to become interested in CBD products. Even after conducting his research, though, he couldn’t find a CBD company that used pure and clean ingredients that lived up to his high standards. That’s when he started working with a chemist to produce Medizen CBD products.

All of our CBD for sale is created using organic ingredients of the highest quality available. These natural ingredients are infused with CBD and other non-GMO botanicals to help our customers address specific needs. With each of our CBD products formulated to serve a different purpose, Dr. Scott has found great success with his patients.

Our Pain and Relief Products

We offer multiple different types of CBD relief and pain products. Each one of the offerings in our online CBD store has its own unique properties, so choose the one that you find most appealing based on your own needs and lifestyle.

  • Full Spectrum Sport Roll-On Menthol 1500mg CBD 3oz – Made with a variety of natural ingredients like sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, CBD, and menthol, this is one of our most popular CBD products. It’s easy to apply because of the roll-on tube design, and it has some of the highest levels you can find in CBD roll-on cream.
  • Pain Cream 1oz – Lemongrass and our proprietary blend of essential oils join natural cannabidiol in this CBD pain cream. We’ve created two versions of it, one with menthol and one without menthol, so people can get the experiences that appeal most to them.
  • Pain Cream 4oz – If one ounce of CBD pain cream won’t last very long because of the volume required for your daily CBD routine, consider getting the four-ounce size instead. It comes with a dispenser top for your convenience, which makes it easier than ever to get your CBD pain cream out of the bottle and onto your aching body.
  • Pain Cream Menthol 1oz – Adding menthol to our CBD pain cream makes for a much more pleasant experience for some people. Along with the cannabidiol, the menthol penetrates your skin to deliver a cool and refreshing sensation. This one-ounce size is perfect for people who already love our other CBD pain cream and want to try a small package of the menthol variety.
  • Pain Cream Menthol 4oz – Our menthol pain relief cream also comes in a larger four-ounce bottle with an easy dispenser top. This is ideal for people who want to apply their CBD pain cream to many different areas of their body or households where there are multiple people who enjoy CBD pain cream.
  • THC FREE Menthol Roll-On 1500mg CBD 3oz – If the whole plant approach doesn’t appeal to you, consider this CBD roll-on product with refined CBD for maximum purity.
  • THC Free RELIEF .5oz – This CBD relief formula includes turmeric, ginger, and black pepper. The natural ingredients are intended to reduce inflammation and reduce the progression of body discomfort and general pain.
  • THC Free RELIEF 1oz – If you want to stock up on this product for your muscle aches and pains, the one-ounce size is probably the best way for you to buy CBD. The bottle lasts a while, even when you’re enjoying it daily.
  • THC FREE Unscented Roll-On 1500mg CBD 3oz – This product has been carefully formulated for people with sensitive noses. If your other CBD relief creams aggravate your sense of smell or your allergies, try this unscented roll-on instead.
  • Whole Plant RELIEF .5oz – Many in the CBD community are firm believers of the whole plant approach and full-spectrum CBD. The product you ultimately choose is a completely personal choice, but this is one of or most popular CBD products.
  • Whole Plant RELIEF 1oz – Each one of these one-ounce vials contains a full 600 mg of CBD, which means it’s enough to last most people for a good deal of time, even if they have daily CBD routines.

Why Buy CBD From Medizen

At Medizen, we have a wide variety of CBD for sale. As a doctor-founded company, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply the appropriate CBD products for a wide variety of different situations. Whether you want to buy CBD for pain and relief, general wellness, bath and beauty, or something else, you can count on us to offer a large selection of CBD products that fit your lifestyle.

Since each of our products are formulated to address specific challenges, our customers have even greater control over their experiences with CBD. Choose the specific product type and level of CBD that appeals to you based on your specific goals. It’s never been easier to buy CBD and have it shipped to your door. Place your order today to get started.