CBD For Bath & Beauty

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD for short) is starting to find its way into more and more beauty routines, and it’s easy to see why. This natural cannabinoid from hemp has been shown therapeutic in inflammatory skin diseases and cutaneous scars by research. Some people also might be using these products for acne or any number of other reasons we’ll discuss later.

Part of the reason these products are used in so many different ways is that Dr. Michael Scott has experience creating CBD products that are purpose-built to be used for specific things. Throughout his years of experience with natural medicine as a medical doctor, he realized that there weren’t enough reliable CBD products created for people with specific goals. That’s why he worked so hard to make these top-shelf CBD beauty products more accessible to everyone.

Our CBD Bath and Beauty Products

One of the things Dr. Michael Scott does better than just about anyone else in the industry is to make sure these products are designed with specific use cases in mind. In other words, this isn’t just some collection of random bath and beauty products that have been enhanced with a few drops of CBD. Everything you’ll find in Medizen’s online CBD shop, and every Medizen product you find in stores, has been created with a specific purpose in mind.

CBD Bath Bomb

CBD Bath Bombs are often considered the most luxurious, relaxing way to complete your daily CBD routine. Soak in warm water as scents like Eucalyptus, Lavender, or Coconut and Lime wash over you. Some people worry they might literally be washing CBD down the drain with CBD bath bombs, and that may be the case with some of the cheap options on the market. When we developed these products, though, we made certain to come up with a formula that will help the cannabidiol penetrate into your skin (and even the tissue below). Your skin might never feel softer than it does when you step out of one of these baths.

CBD Lotion

CBD Lotion is terrific for people who really want to target their topical CBD products on specific body parts. For example, some people buy our hand and body lotion because their hands feel a lot stiffer than they used to. Other people might buy the face and body lotion as part of a nightly skincare routine for their faces. Other popular uses of CBD lotion include rubbing it onto the lower back, knees, elbows, or other joints.

CBD Bath Salt

If you like the idea of bath bombs but want to control how much cannabidiol goes in the water with you more precisely, CBD Bath Salt might be exactly what you’re looking for. This product allows you to scoop in the desired amount, essentially tailoring the level of cannabidiol in your bath to your preference. If you’ve previously found yourself using two CBD Bath Bombs at once, or maybe wishing you had half of one, CBD Bath Salts will give you more control.

CBD Lip Balm

There are worse things in life than dry lips, but that doesn’t make the experience any more pleasant when it happens to you. Dry lips are a constant annoyance that bothers you all day long, especially when you eat, drink, put on a mask, or do anything else that comes into contact with your face. Our lip balm is designed to help moisturize and repair your cracked lips, and it’s been infused with cannabidiol as well. Choose a natural flavor that appeals to you, and you’ll enjoy every application.

How Our CBD Bath Products Work

As a cannabinoid, cannabidiol works as additional help to your body’s natural endocannabinoid system. This system helps regulate a wide variety of different bodily functions, which is why people might use CBD for so many different things. The endocannabinoid system creates interactions all over the body and has been linked to things like inflammation, mood, sleep, appetite, pain, and more.

Since many of those are things people wish they had more control over, it’s easy to see why CBD is only becoming more and more popular as time goes on. One of the best things about topical CBD, in particular, is that it’s designed to be applied to a specific area. In other words, when you buy CBD topicals like these bath and beauty products, you’re giving yourself much more control of your cannabidiol regiment in some ways.

These topicals are designed to be absorbed by the skin, and they’re also intended to penetrate the joints, muscles, and other tissues underneath. This might appeal to people who are only buying CBD for one specific part of their body and don’t necessarily want cannabidiol anywhere else. Simply wash the part of your body where you plan to apply CBD, then gently massage your product into the skin. Repeat as desired and see if you notice a difference.

Why Choose Medizen for CBD Beauty Products

There are many different CBD products on the market today, and you can even find topicals in most online CBD stores. As you peruse all of the options on the internet or in a shop, think about who created the product. If you want something developed by a doctor, buy Medizen CBD Topicals!