CBD For Pain 150 150 CBD By Medizen

CBD For Pain

For many people, pain is a constant and unwanted companion. It can vary from being a distraction to preventing people from enjoying daily activities that pain-free individuals take for granted. Over the counter and prescription medicines can help, but many come with side effects and potential addiction from long term use. The ongoing opiate crisis…

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What Does CBD Oil Do? 150 150 CBD By Medizen

What Does CBD Oil Do?

CBD EDUCATIONWhat Does CBD Oil Do?CBD products are flying off the shelves, but what does CBD oil do? It’s a good question and one you should be asking before making your first CBD oil purchase. While it is amazing, plant-based medicine, we believe it’s best to be honest about what CBD oil can do for…

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What is CBD Oil? 150 150 CBD By Medizen

What is CBD Oil?

There’s a good joke about a mom asking her five-year-old son where milk comes from and he replies, “The grocery store.” There is a CBD revolution taking place in America right before our eyes, but have you ever wondered where CBD oil comes from and how it’s made? After all, what is CBD oil? We…

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How Does CBD Work? 150 150 CBD By Medizen

How Does CBD Work?

CBD EDUCATIONHow Does CBD Work?Over the past year, it seems like everyone is talking about CBD. At Medizen, we’re serious about the science behind CBD, so let’s explore the reality of how CBD works and why it can be good for your health and wellness. What is CBD? CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a…

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