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CBD By Medizen Doctor Michael Scott

Dr. Michael Scott

Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Naturopathy

Dr. Michael Scott, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and Naturopathy, is the Medical Director of Integrated Systems Chiropractic and Well Center in San Diego, CA.  Dr. Scott specializes in Functional Medicine with an emphasis on metabolic disorder. He is also a public speaker and the author of “Weight…It Might Be Your Thyroid.”

Functional Medicine is a facet of medicine focused on finding, addressing then treating the underlying cause of the disease as opposed to giving a medication to treat the symptom.  Dr. Scott has been using this approach to natural and Functional Medicine for many years to address common health conditions and has successfully helped many patients overcome healthcare issues.  

While serving on a Medical Board of a cannabis company, he saw the many benefits people received from taking cannabis products. However, when Dr. Scott spoke to his patients about using cannabis derived products for their challenges, he was faced with a lot of skepticism based on people’s biases. 

Dr. Scott researched and couldn’t find a CBD company that used clean and pure ingredients. Dr. Scott worked with a chemist to formulate Medizen™ products using high-quality, organic ingredients infused with CBD Hemp and non-GMO botanicals to provide specific needs for relax, relief and sleep conditions.  He wanted to address many of the issues he was seeing in his practice so he provided his formulations to his patients who showed great results. 

Dr. Scott continues to provide education on the benefits of CBD to thousands of people worldwide. Medizen™ is currently in three shopping malls in Northern California.